the third answer

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Psalm 41:10-13

Psalm 41:10 But you, Yahveh, be gracious to me and raise me up; then I will repay them.

Psalm 41:11 By this I know that you want me: my enemy does not shout in triumph over me.

Psalm 41:12 You supported me because of my integrity and set me in your presence permanently.

Psalm 41:13 Blessed be Yahveh God of Israel, from this age up to the next age. Amen and amen.

the third answer

This is the end of the first book of Psalms. The book began with a promise that the one who chooses God’s road will be fortunate. It ends with a promise from the follower. If God is gracious and raises David up, then everyone will know that the enemy did not triumph over him, because David’s God supported him.

But the prayer uses some specific language which is very significant.

  • David prays that God will raise him up (קוּם). Such language hints of the resurrection of Christ, and his exaltation back to the right hand of the sky Father (Ephesians 1:20; Colossians 2:12; 1 Thessalonians 1:10; 1 Peter 1:21). But David’s confidence is in his own eventual resurrection.
  • David also is assured that he has been set (נָצַב) in God’s presence permanently. He anticipates an eternal life after his resurrection because God has done something to make that possible. He has this confidence not because he believes he has innate immortality, but because he trusts God to change his mortality into immortality. He longs for his mortal being to be swallowed up by life (2 Corinthians 5:4).

We know from history that God did answer David’s prayer and vindicated him. We also know that Jesus died and rose again. In a sense, God has answered this prayer twice. First, he raised David from his death’s bed, and set him on his throne again. Then, he raised Jesus from his tomb, and set him on his permanent throne.

But I believe there is yet to be a third answer to this prayer. I believe that David’s God will one day literally raise him from the dead, and establish him in his presence permanently.

Lord, thank you for loving us, and not abandoning us to the grave. We wait on you for the third answer.

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