so that God’s glory gets the last word

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Psalm 40:14-15

Psalm 40:14 Let those who seek my soul to destroy it be disgraced and confounded. Let those who treasure my harm be turned back and humiliated.

Psalm 40:15 Let those who say to me, “Aha, aha!” be appalled because of their shame.

so that God’s glory gets the last word

There are those who look at imprecatory psalms like this and criticize them for being vindictive and vengeful. But notice what David calls for God to do. He wants those who are seeking to harm him and destroy his soul (kill him) to be disgraced, humiliated, and appalled because of their shame. That is exactly how he is feeling right now. Since David is a witness of God’s existence and goodness, when he feels ashamed it reflects on God’s glory. So, David calls on God to reverse his circumstances so that God’s glory is vindicated.

Lord, we are ashamed at what we have done. But do not let our shame reflect upon you. Forgive us, and rescue us, so that your glory gets the last word.

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