on their way out

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Psalm 37:35-36

Psalm 37:35 I have seen a wicked, violent person well-rooted, like a flourishing native tree.

Psalm 37:36 Then I passed by and noticed he was gone; I searched for him, but he could not be found.

on their way out

The previous verse of this psalm promises a future ultimate destruction of the wicked. These verses are a reflection upon the providence of God as he deals with the wicked in the present. God’s people need not concern themselves that their enemies seem “well-rooted, like a flourishing native tree.” The psalmist remembers having enemies like that. Their wickedness and violence was as notorious as their apparent prosperity. But they are gone now. God has a way of rooting out the most stubborn tree which does not belong in his forest.

When I was in the army, I developed an attitude about people in my unit who made life difficult for me. I rarely opposed them. I had come to the conclusion that since each of us were assigned to our duty station temporarily, then the people who made life difficult for me were on their way out anyway. Consequently, I saw no reason to be anxious about them, or to return their opposition.

Lord, thank you that time is on the side of those who put their trust in you.

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