permanently enthroned

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Psalm 29:9b-11

Psalm 29:9b In his temple all cry, “Glory!”

Psalm 29:10 Yahveh sits enthroned over the flood; Yahveh sits permanently enthroned as King.

Psalm 29:11 Yahveh gives his people strength; Yahveh blesses his people with peace.

permanently enthroned

In yesterday’s section of this psalm, we found that God is the power behind all the changes that happen. His commanding voice is the source of the fire or wind that strips a forest bare.

This section mentions another powerful force of nature: the flood. It explains what was meant by the previous mention of “the waters” (3). God sits enthroned over the powerful flood waters as well.

Strength and blessing comes from God because he is permanently enthroned above it all. He can change anything because he himself is unchanged.


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