call waiting

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Psalm 20:6-9

Psalm 20:6 Now I know that Yahveh gives victory to his anointed; he will answer him from his holy heaven with mighty deliverance from hisright hand.

Psalm 20:7 Some take pride in chariots, and others in horses, but we take pride in the name of Yahveh our God.

Psalm 20:8 They collapse and fall, but we rise and stand firm.

Psalm 20:9 Yahveh, give victory to the king! May he answer us on the day that we call.1

call waiting

I confess and deny not – I hate telephones. I especially loathe having to place a call and then wait for ages listening to some recorded loop of messages assuring me that my call is important to the faceless voices on the other end of the line.

King David responds to his people’s prayers for his victory in battle here. He is not taking pride in the size of his attack force, but in the greatness of God. He is sure that God is going to answer him from his holy heaven with mighty deliverance from his right hand.

Lord, some of our friends need your deliverance today. We are putting in a call for them, and we know you will answer.

1subscription: For the choir director.

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