Can we have enemies?

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Psalm 18:39-42

Psalm 18:39 You have decked me out with strength for battle; you forced my adversaries to their knees beneath me.

Psalm 18:40 You have made my enemies retreat before me; I annihilate those who hate me.

Psalm 18:41 They cry for help, but there is no one to save them– they cry to Yahveh, but he does not answer them.

Psalm 18:42 I pulverize them like dust before the wind; I empty them out like street mud.

Can we have enemies?

David has already proclaimed his need for God and his confidence in God, so these words can be understood in that context. He is not boasting in his own wisdom or strength, but praising God for his faithfulness.

Have we evolved beyond this kind of talk? Some of the comments I read on the psalms suggest something like that. They imply that the New Testament says we should love our enemies, so this kind of talk is no longer applicable.

I think they are wrong. It is not unscriptural to admit that certain people are against you, and to ask God to help you defend against their attacks.

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