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John 19:38-40

John 19:38 After this, Joseph of Arimathea, who was a disciple of Jesus– but secretly because of his fear of the Jews– asked Pilate that he might remove Jesus’s body. Pilate gave him permission; so he came and took his body away.

John 19:39 Nicodemus (who had previously come to him at night) also came, presenting a mixture of one hundred litras1 of myrrh and aloes.

John 19:40 They took Jesus’s body and wrapped it in linen cloths with the fragrant spices, according to the burial custom of the Jews.

from the background

Besides the conversation of Jesus with Nicodemus in chapter 3, these two people do not figure into the Gospel story, until now. There are always going to be people like this. They will stay in the background, but when the time is right, we will notice them fulfilling an important task.

If you find yourself asking what your purpose is, remember these two. Their mission was not glamorous or crucial to God’s plan, but they did have a mission.

Lord, we are at your service. Use us as you see fit.

1about seventy-five pounds.

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