bless us with boring

marmsky March 2018 (23)

bless us with boring

Devotions from Jefferson Vann # 2329

Numbers 21:10-20

Num 21:10 And the people of Israel set out and camped in Oboth.
Num 21:11 And they set out from Oboth and camped at Iye-abarim, in the wilderness that is opposite Moab, toward the sunrise.
Num 21:12 From there they set out and camped in the Valley of Zered.
Num 21:13 From there they set out and camped on the other side of the Arnon, which is in the wilderness that extends from the border of the Amorites, because the Arnon is the border of Moab, between Moab and the Amorites.
Num 21:14 Therefore it is recorded in the Book of the Wars of Yahveh, “Waheb in Suphah, and the valleys of the Arnon,
Num 21:15 and the slope of the valleys that extends to the seat of Ar, and leans to the border of Moab.”
Num 21:16 And from there they continued to Beer; that is the well at which Yahveh said to Moses, “Gather the people together, so that I may give them water.”
Num 21:17 Then Israel sang this song: “Spring up, O well!– Sing to it!–
Num 21:18 the well that the princes made, that the nobles of the people dug, with the scepter and with their staffs.” And from the wilderness they went on to Mattanah,
Num 21:19 and from Mattanah to Nahaliel, and from Nahaliel to Bamoth,
Num 21:20 and from Bamoth to the valley lying in the region of Moab by the top of Pisgah that looks down on the desert.

bless us with boring

This is a refreswhing little section — not because anything spectacular happened — but because there was no crisis. Travels, celebration of a good water supply — nothing much to write home about. But, having travelled a great deal as a missionary, I have learned to be extremely grateful when “nothing happens.” We are not promised a lifetime free from problem or incident. But it is very nice to have some memories of boring times when nothing in particular happens.

LORD, bless us with boring. Bless us with times when we require no chastisement, and need no forgiveness.


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Jeff is a former Christian missionary.
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