last, and first

devotional post # 2271

Numbers 4:29-33

Num 4:29 “As for the sons of Merari, you will list them by their clans and their fathers’ houses.
Num 4:30 From thirty years old up to fifty years old, you will list them, everyone who can come on duty, to do the service of the conference tent.
Num 4:31 And this is what they are charged to carry, as the whole of their service in the conference tent: the frames of the tabernacle, with its bars, pillars, and bases,
Num 4:32 and the pillars around the court with their bases, pegs, and cords, with all their equipment and all their accessories. And you will list by name the objects that they are required to carry.
Num 4:33 This is the service of the clans of the sons of Merari, the whole of their service in the conference tent, under the direction of Ithamar the son of Aaron the priest.”

last, and first

Once the sacred objects of the tabernacle had been secured and removed and transported by the Kohathites, then the walls and curtains could be carefully removed by the Gershonites. Finally, the Merarites could enter the shell of the tabernacle and remove all the posts and supports. They were the final team for takedown, which means they would be the first team for setup.

LORD, give us perspective about our ministry. Help us to see the big picture, so that we are not tempted to think lightly of our work, or anyone else’s.


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