following this pattern

marmsky January 2018 (9)devotional post # 2256

Numbers 2:32-34

Num 2:32 These are the sons of Israel as mustered by their fathers’ houses. All those mustered in the camps by their companies were 603,550.
Num 2:33 But the Levites were not mustered among the sons of Israel, as Yahveh commanded Moses.
Num 2:34 This is what the sons of Israel did. In accordance with all that Yahveh commanded Moses, following this pattern they camped by their standards, and following this pattern they set out, each one in his clan, according to his fathers’ house.

following this pattern

There was a purpose to the pattern, so the Israelite troops followed it. Each flag identified the father’s house, and each mustered troop camped by his father’s flag. The Levites had an unlisted number: they were special forces. Their purpose was different. They had something different to protect. In the months and years to come, this order would be challenged. But as they set out, they recognized that God set the pattern according to his purpose.

Your life can go in a thousand directions, and you decide. But there are a few hints that the LORD has given you so that you can steer it in the right direction. He may not have given you as clear-cut a pattern as he gave Moses for the Israelites. But he did give you a family, a community, a calling, a set of skills. Follow the clues that he gave you.

LORD, give us the wisdom to follow your pattern for our lives, and the faith to trust you when that pattern is not as clear as we might want it to be.



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