mature money management

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devotional post # 2192

2 Corinthians 8:20-21

2Co 8:20  We are being careful to do this; we don’t want anyone to criticize us about this large amount that we are transporting,
2Co 8:21  because we want to do what is right — not only as the Lord sees it, but also as a man might see it.

mature money management

Paul could have carried large sums of money around himself, doling it out to whomever he wished. He was the head of the missions team, and he had been tasked with transporting the funds. But he decided to pass on this responsibility to a team that he could trust, which also had the trust of the churches.  That was a mature, practical and wise decision. It protected the purpose of the mission, and it avoiding the appearance of evil.

LORD, help us to make decisions which protect us from potential conflicts, and keep us focused on our primariy mission.

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