an encouraging report

Oct 2017 (27)

devotional post # 2182

2 Corinthians 7:5-7

2Co 7:5 Because even when we entered Macedonia, our flesh could not relax, but we suffered in every way: battles on the outside, fears on the inside.
2Co 7:6 But God is the one who encourages the depressed. He encouraged us by the presence of Titus,
2Co 7:7 but not only by his presence, but also by how he had been encouraged by you, since he reported to us that you longed for, mourned after, and were zealous to have me return. That made me rejoice even more.

an encouraging report

There was a lot of work for Paul’s team to do in Macedonia. New churches needed to be supported and equipped in places like Philippi, Thessalonica, and Berea. So, Paul’s team set themselves to the task.
But there were plenty of obstacles to the mission work there — just as there had been when Paul and his team had planted those churches. Besides the persecution and tough times they faced, they also worried about the churches they had left — Corinth, for one.

Fortunately, Titus had traveled through Corinth on his way to give a report to Paul about his work. He brought good news for Paul that the Corinthians had not forgotten them, and were longing to see him again.
What a blessing it is when you are having discouragements in your ministry to discover that people miss you and appreciate your work.

LORD, make us the kind of people who encourage those who have served you among us.

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