separate to sanctify

Oct 2017 (25)

devotional post # 2180

2 Corinthians 6:17-7:1

2Co 6:17 Therefore The LORD commands “Go out from the middle of them” and “be separate” says the LORD, and “Do not touch the impure thing, and “I will welcome you.”
2Co 6:18 and “I will be a father to you” and “You will be sons and daughters to me” says the LORD, the Almighty.
2Co 7:1 Therefore, beloved, Let us purify ourselves, from everything that defiles flesh and spirit as we perfect holiness in the fear of God, since we have these promises.

separate to sanctify

You will recall that the issue Paul was addressing was partnerships with unbelievers in the church. Now, Paul further explains the reason that is a problem. God wants to establish a family relationship with us. He wants to come down and welcome us into his family. But he cannot welcome anyone who has been defiled. The reason believers are to separate from other loyalties is to perfect holiness, so that we can receive what God has promised us.

But how do we reconcile the command to separate with the command to make disciples? Both are kingdom requirements. Both are expressions of God’s love. We reach people with the gospel because God loves them. We separate from sin because God loves us, and wants to be our father.

Jesus is our example here. He closed his heart and body to sin, but opened his life to fellowship with others. He did not acheive his kingdom by forming an alliance with Herod or Caesar.

LORD, show us how to stay separate from sin, while getting close enough to sinners to share our faith in you.


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