open wide

Oct 2017 (23)

devotional post # 2178

2 Corinthians 6:11-13

2Co 6:11 Our mouth has been opened to you, Corinthians; our heart is wide open.
2Co 6:12 You have not been narrowly limited by us, but you are narrowly limited in your own affections.
2Co 6:13 In exchange (I speak as to children) make room in your hearts also.

open wide

Paul’s team opened their mouths and proclaimed the gospel to the Corinthians. The Corinthians came to Christ, but now they seem to have closed their hearts to their evangelists. They no longer want to hear from them. Or, to be specific, they have narrowed the scope of content that they are willing to accept from these missionaries. Perhaps they are willing to hear praise from them, but not rebuke. They are open to encouragement, but not criticism. Paul urges the Corinthians to open their hearts and receive all that God has to say through his team.

LORD, when we start to limit the form of instruction we are willing to receive from your servants, show us how to resist that temptation.

About Jefferson Vann

Jefferson Vann is pastor of Piney Grove Advent Christian Church in Delco, North Carolina. You can contact him at -- !
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