a flash on a face

Oct 2017 (9)

devotional post # 2164

2 Corinthians 4:5-6

2Co 4:5 Because we are not proclaiming the brightness of ourselves, but the brightness of Lord Jesus Christ, but we ourselves have become your slaves because ofJesus.
2Co 4:6 Because God was the one saying, “Out of darkness a light flashed,” This light flashed in our hearts revealing by illumination the knowledge of the brightness of God in the face of Christ.

a flash on a face

Paul spoke of that brief glance he had of the brightness of God’s face shown on Christ’s face. For Paul, the light was blinding, but he recovered. But he never forgot the glory of God he saw in his vision of Christ on the Damascus road. From then on, his goal and objective in life was to serve cHrist and to serve others for the sake of Christ.

LORD, flash your face before us, and give us the ministryt of revealing you to others.


About Jefferson Vann

Jeff is a former Christian missionary.
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