church is canceled

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Hosea 9:1-4

Hos 9:1 Do not plan to celebrate, O Israel! Do not keep rejoicing like the other people; because you have cheated, betraying your God. You have loved a prostitute’s pay on all threshing floors.
Hos 9:2 Threshing floor and wine vat will not feed them, and the new wine will fail them.
Hos 9:3 They will not stay in the land of Yahveh, but Ephraim will return to Egypt, and they will eat impure food in Assyria.
Hos 9:4 They will not pour drink offerings of wine to Yahveh, and their sacrifices will not please him. It will be like mourners’ bread to them; all who eat it will be defiled; because their bread will be for their hunger only; it will not come to the house of Yahveh.

church is canceled

The Israelite’s worship was a celebration of God’s grace and rescue from slavery and sin. But Hosea told them that church is canceled. The people had cheated on God, and he was kicking them out of paradise. They need not put on any outward shows of worship any more. They should save their sacrifices for their own hunger, because there was not going to be a temple where they are going.

LORD, restore us. We want to worship you in Spirit and truth.

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