self-deception, self destruction

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devotional post # 2118

Hosea 8:1-4

Hos 8:1 Put the shofar to your palate! Something like a buzzard flies over the house of Yahveh, because they have passed over my covenant and rebelled against my law.
Hos 8:2 To me they cry out, “My God, we know you — Israel–.”
Hos 8:3 Israel has rejected a good thing; the enemy will pursue him.
Hos 8:4 They made kings, but at my advice. They set up princes, but I did not acknowledge them. With their silver and gold they built images for cutting themselves down.

self-deception, self destruction

The LORD testifies to the true state of his people. They think they know him, but they have chosen to pass over his covenant, and rebel against his law. They built images to worship, and those things they built are cutting them down. If they had bothered to look up, they would see a buzzard passing overhead, because they passed over the covenant. Their self-deception is becoming self-destruction.

LORD, we cannot handle the mess we have made of our lives by doing things our way. We are destroying ourselves. Please lead us gently back into a right relationship with you.

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