not hidden from him

marmsky devotions pics (of Hamilton NZ) August 2017 (12)

devotional post # 2106

Hosea 5:1-4

Hos 5:1 Hear this, O priests! Listen attentively, house of Israel! Use your ears, house of the king! Because the judgment is directed at you; because you have been a trapping net at Mizpah and a net stretched over Tabor.
Hos 5:2 And the ones who have rebelled have buried themselves deep in a pit, but I will discipline all of them.
Hos 5:3 I know Ephraim, and Israel is not hidden from me; because now, O Ephraim, you have committed prostitution; Israel is defiled.
Hos 5:4 Their deeds do not permit them to return to their God. Because that wind of of promiscuity is inside them, and they do not know Yahveh.

not hidden from him

Hosea speaks out against the priests and royal family of the northern kingdom. He tells them that they have rebelled against their covenant with Yahveh, and will be held accountable to him. Those responsible for this rebellion have attempted to dig deep, and hide themselves, but God knows who they are. That wind that Hosea said had enveloped them and was going to sweep them away — that wind is inside them (literally in their bellies). The same idolatry that they first tolerated, then championed, is now an addiction they cannot kick. It had defiled their nation, and would lead to their demise.

LORD, forgive us for our disloyalty. Cleanse us of our unholy addiction to those things which are false. You know us; we want to know you.


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Jeff is a former Christian missionary.
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