slow hearts, burning hearts


devotional post # 2084

Luke 24:13-35

Luk 24:13 That same day two of them were going to a town called Emmaus, about seven miles from Jerusalem,
Luk 24:14 and they were discussing all these things that had happened with each other about .
Luk 24:15 While they were talking and discussing together, Jesus himself came close and went with them.
Luk 24:16 But their eyes were kept from recognizing him.
Luk 24:17 And he said to them, “What is this discussion that you are holding with each other as you walk?” And they stood still, looking sad.
Luk 24:18 Then one of them, named Cleopas, answered him, “Are you the only visitor to Jerusalem who does not know the things that have happened there in these days?”
Luk 24:19 And he said to them, “What things?” And they said to him, “Concerning Jesus of Nazareth, a man who was a prophet with strong a work and word in God’s presence and all the people,
Luk 24:20 and how our chief priests and rulers betrayed him to be condemned to death, and crucified him.
Luk 24:21 But we had hoped that he was the one to redeem Israel. Yes, and not only that, it is now the third day since these things happened.
Luk 24:22 Also, some women of our group amazed us. They were at the tomb early in the morning,
Luk 24:23 and when they did not find his body, they came back saying that they had even seen a vision of angels, who said that he was alive.
Luk 24:24 Some of those who were with us went to the tomb and found it just as the women had said, but they did not see him.”
Luk 24:25 And he said to them, “O stupid ones, and slow of heart to believe all that the prophets have spoken!
Luk 24:26 Was it not necessary that the Christ should go through these events and enter into his glory?”
Luk 24:27 And beginning with Moses and all the Prophets, he explained to them in all the Scriptures the things concerning himself.
Luk 24:28 So they came close to the village to which they were going. He acted as if he were going farther,
Luk 24:29 but they urged him strongly, saying, “Stay with us, because it is near evening and the day is now far spent.” So he went in to stay with them.
Luk 24:30 When he was at table with them, he took the bread and blessed and broke it and gave it to them.
Luk 24:31 And their eyes were opened, and they recognized him. And he disappeared from their sight.
Luk 24:32 They said to each other, “Did not our hearts burn within us while he talked to us on the road, while he opened to us the Scriptures?”
Luk 24:33 And they got up that same hour and returned to Jerusalem. And they found the eleven and those who were with them gathered together,
Luk 24:34 saying, “The Lord has really risen, and has appeared to Simon!”
Luk 24:35 Then they told what had happened on the road, and how he was revealed to them by the breaking of the bread.

slow hearts, burning hearts

This beautiful story reveals that even those of us who want to see Jesus will have trouble recognizing him in this age before he physically returns. But there is a remedy to this problem. The Christ who we first met in the gospels now invites us to find him in the pages of the Old Testament. He is there, but our hearts are slow to believe it. But when we catch on, and we come to find the other stories of Jesus at work, our hearts will burn within us as the two on the road to Emmaus experienced.

LORD, show us yourself in the Scriptures.

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