the way of God


devotional post # 2044

Luke 20:20-26

Luk 20:20 Watching him carefully, they sent spies who pretended to be sincere. They wanted to take advantage of what he might say so that they could deliver him up to the authority and jurisdiction of the governor.
Luk 20:21 So they asked him, “Teacher, we know that you speak and teach correctly, and show no partiality, but teach the way of God in accordance with the truth.
Luk 20:22 Is it proper for us to pay the tribute tax to Caesar or not?”
Luk 20:23 But Jesus understood their deceit and told them,
Luk 20:24 “Show me a denarius. Whose image and inscription are on it?” They said, “Caesar’s.”
Luk 20:25 Then he said to them, “You should give to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s.”
Luk 20:26 For this reason, they were unable to trap him with his own words in the presence of the people. And baffled by his answer, they stayed silent.

the way of God

The experts in the law and chief priests knew Jesus’ purpose. They correctly understood that Jesus was all about teaching the way of God. So, their objective was to trap Jesus into saying something that they could construe as political. It seemed to them that the tax question would be ideal for that. To them, it was a no win question. No wonder they were baffled by his answer. In their world, you could either be a good Roman citizen or a good Jew. It did not occur to them that a person could be both.

LORD, show us all how to live the way of God, at peace with all whenever possible.

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