his exodus



Luke 9:28-31

Luk 9:28 Then about eight days after these sayings, Jesus took with him Peter, John, and James, and went up the mountain to pray.
Luk 9:29 As he was praying, the appearance of his face was transformed, and his clothes became very bright, a dazzling white.
Luk 9:30 Then two men, Moses and Elijah, began talking with him.
Luk 9:31 They appeared in glory and spoke about his exodus that he was about to fulfill at Jerusalem.

his exodus

The subject of Jesus’ discussion during his transfiguration vision is significant. They are talking about the cross that Jesus would bear, the death he would die, but they are calling it an exodus. Christ’s death was the fulfillment of the prophetic image of the Passover lamb, slaughtered in order to rescue Israel from Egypt. The lamb’s death rescued the people from Pharaoh’s bondage, and made their exodus to the promised land possible. Christ’s death and resurrection made a new exodus possible, one that included believing Israel and believing Gentiles as well. It was this new exodus that Moses predicted in the Law, and Elijah and the other prophets predicted as well.

LORD, thank you for the promise of a new exodus.

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