faith falls



Luke 8:43-48

Luk 8:43 Now a woman was there who had been suffering from a haemorrhage for twelve years but could not be healed by anyone.
Luk 8:44 She came up behind Jesus and touched the edge of his cloak, and at once the bleeding stopped.
Luk 8:45 Then Jesus asked, “Who was it who touched me?” When they all denied it, Peter said, “Master, the crowds are surrounding you and pressing against you!”
Luk 8:46 But Jesus said, “Someone touched me, because I know that power has gone out from me.”
Luk 8:47 When the woman saw that she could not escape notice, she came trembling and fell down before him. In the presence of all the people, she explained why she had touched him and how she had been immediately healed.
Luk 8:48 Then he said to her, “Daughter, your faith has made you well. Go in peace.”

faith falls

This woman felt the same despair that Jairus had felt. She took her chance when Jesus appeared, and was rewarded for her faith. She fought her way through the crowds because she understood that they were the obstacle to her healing. She trusted that Jesus was not reluctant, but she knew she needed to get to him. Her confession was part of demonstrating her trust in Jesus.

LORD, give us the courage to demonstrate our trust in you, in spite of the obstacles we face.


About Jefferson Vann

Jeff is a former Christian missionary.
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