access to the treasure

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Luke 8:9-10

Luk 8:9 Then his disciples asked him what this illustration applied to.
Luk 8:10 He said, “You have been given the opportunity to know the secrets of the kingdom of God, but for others those secrets are given in illustrations, so that although they see they may not see, and although they hear they may not understand.

access to the treasure

Last year, I travelled to a certain country in Africa again, and I had the same problem that I did when I went before. I had extra funds in bank accounts, and I needed to access those extra funds, but I could not find a way to do so. I knew that I had the problem before, so this time I carried extra cash. But it was frustrating to know that my money was in a bank, but not to be able to access it when I needed it.

Most of us have Bibles, but not all of us have access to the secrets the Bible teaches. For many, the gospel truths refelected in the pages of the Bible are like an account without access. Jesus told his disciples this fact in the same context as his illustration about the soils. Our access to the treasure will depend on our willingness to let it change us.

LORD, transform us with your treasure.


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