the other congregation

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Luke 5:27-32

Luk 5:27 After this, Jesus went out and saw a tax collector named Levi sitting at the tax booth. He said to him “Follow me,” .
Luk 5:28 And he got up and followed him, leaving everything behind.
Luk 5:29 Then Levi gave a big party in his house for Jesus, and there was a large group of tax collectors and others sitting at the table with them.
Luk 5:30 But the Pharisees and their experts in the law complained to his disciples. This is what they said, “Why do you eat and drink with tax collectors and sinners?”
Luk 5:31 Jesus responded to them, “Those who are well don’t need a doctor, but those who have something wrong with them do.
Luk 5:32 I have not come to call the righteous ones, but to call those who have made mistakes to repentance.”

the other congregation

Jesus continued to meet in the local congregations and sharing insight from God’s word to all of those who were interested in that. He did not forsake that congregation. But he had another congregation. He had meetings like this, in the house of Levi, where he could get an audience with a different sort. When the people from that other congregation complained that he was doing this, Jesus told them that a doctor’s job is fixing those who are broken. Doctor Luke would have appreciated this story.

LORD, show us how to connect with the lost and broken, to call them to repentance.


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Jeff is a former Christian missionary.
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