two holy animals

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Leviticus 27:9-13

Lev 27:9 “If the vow is an animal that may be offered as an offering to Yahveh, all of it that he gives to Yahveh is holy.
Lev 27:10 He will not exchange it or make a substitute for it, good for bad, or bad for good; and if he does in fact substitute one animal for another, then both it and the substitute will be holy.
Lev 27:11 And if it is any contaminated animal that may not be offered as an offering to Yahveh, then he will stand the animal before the priest,
Lev 27:12 and the priest will value it as either good or bad; as the priest values it, so it will be.
Lev 27:13 But if he wishes to redeem it, he will add a fifth to the valuation.

two holy animals

Why redeem the first animal with a second one, if both remain the holy property of God? There is a lesson here that points to the work of the cross. Christ became our substitute, redeeming us from sin, while remaining the holy Son of God himself. Back in time, the LORD built a picture of this eternal reality in the Mosaic law. The two holy animals were a bit of a mystery for the Israelites. In Christ, the mystery is solved.

LORD, thank you for making a way for your Holy Son to redeem us from our unholiness.

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