freedom and fairness

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Leviticus 25:13-17

Lev 25:13 “In this year of liberation each of you will return to his property.
Lev 25:14 And if you make a sale to your associate or buy from your associate, you will not wrong one another.
Lev 25:15 You will pay your associate according to the number of years after the liberation, and he will sell to you according to the number of years for crops.
Lev 25:16 If the years are many, you will increase the price, and if the years are few, you will reduce the price, because it is actually the number of the crops that he is selling to you.
Lev 25:17 You will not oppress — a man against his associate, but you will fear your God, because I am Yahveh your God.

freedom and fairness

The jubilee laws were about more that freedom. It was truly a chance for those who had amassed debt and sold their property to have their freedom to use it restored. But the stipulations of this freedom included making sure that buyer and seller were treated with fairness. All the Israelites were to be treated with the same preference, regardless of their economic status. That equality would reflect the fundamental equality that comes from being created equal. The only limits to that equality were temporary, and came from the personal choices made by those under the covenant.

Under the new covenant, the only limits to our equality are individual choices as well. And, a day is coming, when even those temporary inequalities will be done away with. God’s judgement will make everything fair, and every believer free.

LORD, thank you for creating us equal, and promising us eternal fairness and freedom.

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