only the best

marmsky devotions pics October 2016 (18)

Leviticus 22:17-25

Lev 22:17 And Yahveh spoke to Moses, and this is what he said,
Lev 22:18 “Speak to Aaron and his sons and all the people of Israel and say to them, when any one of the house of Israel or of the temporary residents in Israel presents an ascending offering as his offering, for any of their solemn pledges or spontaneous voluntary offerings that they offer to Yahveh,
Lev 22:19 if it is to be accepted for you it will be a perfect male, of the bulls or the sheep or the goats.
Lev 22:20 You will not offer anything that has a defect, because it will not be acceptable for you.
Lev 22:21 And when anyone offers a sacrifice for healthy relationships to Yahveh to fulfil a solemn pledge or as a spontaneous voluntary offering from the herd or from the flock, to be accepted it must be perfect; there will be no defect in it.
Lev 22:22 Animals blind or disabled or mutilated or having a discharge or an itch or scabs you will not offer to Yahveh or give them to Yahveh as a fire offering on the altar.
Lev 22:23 You may present a bull or a lamb that has a part too long or too short for a spontaneous voluntary offering, but for a solemn pledge offering it cannot be accepted.
Lev 22:24 Any animal that has its testicles bruised or crushed or torn or cut you will not offer to Yahveh; you will not do it within your land,
Lev 22:25 neither will you offer as the bread of your God any such animals gotten from a foreigner. since there is a defect in them, because of their mutilation, they will not be accepted for you.”

only the best

God only accepted perfect animals for sacrifice. One reason was that each sacrifice was a prophecy of the ultimate sacrifice of Christ on the cross, a reflection of that ultimate work of grace. But there was a social reason as well. God was encouraging his people never to settle for second-rate for themselves either. By setting their standards high in their worship, they were learning to set them high for the quality of their lives. They were learning not to cut corners or produce ordinary work. If they were to reflect the image and glory of the LORD, they must set their standards high.

LORD, make us a people who reflect your high standards.

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