keeping current

marmsky devotions pics September 2016 (24)

Leviticus 19:5-8

Lev 19:5 “When you offer a sacrifice for healthy relationships to Yahveh, you will offer it so that you may be accepted.
Lev 19:6 It will be eaten the same day you offer it or on the day after, and anything left over until the third day will be burned up with fire.
Lev 19:7 If it is eaten at all on the third day, it is tainted; it will not be accepted,
Lev 19:8 and everyone who eats it will be responsible for his violation, because he has profaned what is holy to Yahveh, and that soul will be eliminated from his people.

keeping current

The sacrifice for healthy relationships was an offering that indicated the value placed on healthy interpersonal relationships within the covenant community. For that reason, it was to be eaten shortly after presented. To wait days after the offering of the sacrifice is to lose the significance of it a prayer. In essence, it was to devalue the relationships which it represented. It was also to devalue the role the LORD took in bringing about and cementing those relationships.

LORD, thank you for the community, and the community of faith that you have placed us in. May all our relationships bring you honour and glory, and may we never lose sight of their value as a gift from you.


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Jeff is a former Christian missionary.
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