the wait for restoration

marmsky devotions pics September 2016 (2)

Leviticus 15:13-15

Lev 15:13 “And when the one with a discharge is cleansed of his discharge, then he will count for himself seven days for his cleansing, and wash his clothes. And he will bathe his body in fresh water and will be clean.
Lev 15:14 And on the eighth day he will take two turtledoves or two pigeons and come in Yahveh’s sight to the entrance of the conference tent and give them to the priest.
Lev 15:15 And the priest will use them, one for a mistake offering and the other for an ascending offering. And the priest will provide reconciliation for him in Yahveh’s sight for his discharge.

the wait for restoration

This generation does not understand the purpose of waiting. We are in an instant gratification society, and that attitude tends to creep into our idea of grace as well. The Israelites had learnt to wait on the LORD for their deliverance from bondage in Egypt. And, so that they would not forget that lesson, there were instructions like this. It involved a waiting period between the cleaning with water, and the cleansing with the blood of sacrifice. A full week of waiting was prescribed for a man who had a seminal discharge. In a sense, that full week symbolised a full lifetime. All of us who have been washed by the word and through baptism are now waiting for the glorification that will only come when our Saviour returns. Meanwhile, we have time to consider how we might serve him in purity while we wait for complete restoration.

LORD, we are washed, and we await the complete sanctification that is to come.

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Jefferson Vann is pastor of Piney Grove Advent Christian Church in Delco, North Carolina. You can contact him at -- !
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