staying at your post

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Leviticus 10:4-7

Lev 10:4 And Moses called Mishael and Elzaphan, the sons of Uzziel the uncle of Aaron, and said to them, “Come near; carry your brothers away from the front of the sanctuary and out of the camp.”
Lev 10:5 So they came near and carried them in their shirts out of the camp, as Moses had said.
Lev 10:6 And Moses said to Aaron and to Eleazar and Ithamar his sons, “Do not let the hair of your heads hang loose, and do not tear your clothes, or else you will die, and wrath come upon all the congregation; but let your brothers, the whole house of Israel, mourn over the burning that Yahveh has kindled.
Lev 10:7 And do not go outside the entrance of the conference tent, or else you will die, because the anointing oil of Yahveh is upon you.” And they did according to the word of Moses.

staying at your post

Moses instructed Aaron and his other two sons to stay at their post and continue to serve the LORD until the visitation was over. They had been anointed for the task, and the task must be done. He assured Aaron that the whole house of Israel would mourn over the destruction of these two men. But he warned Aaron, Eleazar and Ithamar that if they went outside the entrance of the conference tent, they would die too.

They stayed at their post. In doing so, they demonstrated the faithfulness that Nadab and Abihu had neglected. I am only grateful that God does not choose to strike ever one of his servants down with fire when they stray from his directions. If he did, I would not be here to write this. God is merciful to us, but he is capable of judging us fairly. We should never ask for fair judgement, because that is what Nadab and Abihu got.

LORD, when the challenge to run away from our responsibility to you comes, help us to remain faithful, and stay at our post.

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