a week in the sanctuary

marmsky devotions July 2016 (29)

Leviticus 8:30-36

Lev 8:30 Then Moses took some of the anointing oil and of the blood that was on the altar and spritzed it on Aaron and his clothes, and also on his sons and his sons’ clothes. So he consecrated Aaron and his clothes, and his sons and his sons’ clothes with him.
Lev 8:31 And Moses said to Aaron and his sons, “Boil the meat at the entrance of the conference tent, and there eat it and the bread that is in the basket of ordination offerings, as I commanded, when I said, ‘Aaron and his sons will eat it.’
Lev 8:32 And what remains of the meat and the bread you will burn up with fire.
Lev 8:33 And you will not go outside the entrance of the conference tent for seven days, until the days of your ordination are completed, because it will take seven days to ordain you.
Lev 8:34 As has been done today, Yahveh has commanded to be done to provide reconciliation for you.
Lev 8:35 At the entrance of the conference tent you will stay day and night for seven days, performing what Yahveh has charged, so that you do not die, because so I have been commanded.”
Lev 8:36 And Aaron and his sons did all the things that Yahveh commanded by Moses.

a week in the sanctuary

Aaron and his sons had spent a long time reviewing the commands of God, and learning all the details of their ministry in the tabernacle. But they still had to spend a full week in the conference tent itself, as part of their ordination. They needed to become fully familiar not just with their job, but the place itself. This marvellous sanctuary was to be the instrument of their worship. It was to be the location that signified the grace and power of God.

Our saying goes: “familiarity breeds contempt.” We tend to disregard the places that we have grown accustomed to. And, I am sure the priests wrestled with that problem as well. But familiarity also helps us to establish a constant routine. When I travel for my missions work to new places, I often have to spend lots of time just getting used to my surroundings before I can function as well as when I am back “home.” For the priests in the temple, the routine had to be exact. So, they needed the time in the temple to familiarise themselves with it.

LORD, familiarise us with the place where we are to minister in your name, and the people we are to minister to.

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