key to commitment

marmsky devotions July 2016 (26)

Leviticus 8:18-21

Lev 8:18 Then he presented the ram of the ascending offering and Aaron and his sons laid their hands on the head of the ram.
Lev 8:19 And he killed it, and Moses threw the blood against the sides of the altar.
Lev 8:20 He cut the ram into pieces, and Moses burned the head and the pieces and the fat.
Lev 8:21 He washed the entrails and the legs with water, and Moses burned the whole ram on the altar. It was an ascending offering with a soothing aroma, a fire offering for Yahveh, as Yahveh commanded Moses.

key to commitment

After having sacrificed the mistake offering, and receiving forgiveness for their personal failures, Aaron and his sons were now free to pursue the one thing that would be the key to their commitment for priestly service: a relationship with God. The ascending offering symbolised the connection with the transcendent LORD which is the only thing that would enable them to intercede for others.

There is no substitute for that connection. You can study the Bible until you have multiple PhDs in it, but if you do not have a relationship with God, you will not be equipped to help others find him. You can learn all the counselling tips and tricks of psychology, but you cannot help others with their spiritual problems if you are not connected to the LORD himself. Jesus is the way to the Father. Without him, we can memorise every kind of map in the world, and still be lost.

LORD, show us the Way, so that we can show others the Way.

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