his alone

marmsky devotions July 2016 (13)

Leviticus 6:19-23

Lev 6:19 Yahveh spoke to Moses, and this is what he said,
Lev 6:20 “This is the offering that Aaron and his sons will offer to Yahveh on the day when he is anointed: a tenth of an ephah of fine flour as a regular tribute offering, half of it in the morning and half in the evening.
Lev 6:21 It will be made with oil on a griddle. You will bring it well mixed, in baked pieces like a tribute offering, and offer it for a soothing aroma to Yahveh.
Lev 6:22 The priest from among Aaron’s sons, who is anointed to succeed him, will offer it to Yahveh as a permanent prescription. The whole of it will be burned.
Lev 6:23 Every tribute offering of a priest will be wholly burned. It will not be eaten.”

his alone

The tribute offering given by Aaron and his sons was like that offered by others — except it was not to be eaten by them. Their tribute to the LORD was to be burned completely on the altar. This showed how sacred they were as priests. This also showed how dependent they were on the LORD. Ministry to the LORD is entirely dependent on the LORD for strength and success.

No matter what our occupation, each of us who is part of the Church of Jesus Christ today is a priest. What we offer to him is his alone. It is not to be shared by others.

LORD, we declare our dependence upon you. we offer ourselves to you entirely.

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Jeff is a Christian missionary.
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