oil and incense

June 2016 (21)

Leviticus 2:1-3

Lev 2:1 “When any soul brings a tribute offering as an offering to Yahveh, his offering will be of fine flour. He will pour oil over it and include frankincense with it
Lev 2:2 and bring it to Aaron’s sons the priests. And he will take from it a handful of the fine flour and oil, with all of its frankincense, and the priest will burn this as its reminiscence on the altar, a fire offering to Yahveh with a soothing aroma.
Lev 2:3 But the rest of the tribute offering will be for Aaron and his sons; that will be a most holy part of Yahveh’s fire offerings.

oil and incense

When my wife and I visited Singapore, it was an amazing experience. It was interesting to see such a place where so many different ethnic groups lived, side by side, in different communities, all within walking distance, yet keeping their distinct taste in clothing, food, architecture, etc. In fact, you could tell which sub-community you were in even without opening your eyes. The smell of the food cooking, or the incense would give it away.

Both the oil and the incense emitted a sweet aroma. It was a way of making the tribute offering a special memory, a reminiscence of the special event — contact with God, and expression of his worthiness.

LORD, thank you for access to your presence. We will cherish this gift.


About Jefferson Vann

Jeff is a former Christian missionary.
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