seeds and scatterbrains

June 2016 (5)

1 Corinthians 15:35-38

1Co 15:35 But someone is bound to ask “just how are the dead ones going to be raised? And what sort of body will they come out with?”
1Co 15:36 Scatterbrain! That seed that you are planting is not going to come to life unless it dies first.
1Co 15:37 And what you are planting is not the body that is going to be, but a naked seed; it might be of wheat, or some of the other kinds of grain.
1Co 15:38 But God is giving it a body just like he wants it to have, and he has given each of the seeds its own body.

seeds and scatterbrains

I may have taken a bit of liberty translating the first word in verse 36 as “scatterbrain,” but to me, the typical word “fool” is too general to convey its meaning. Danker says the word is “characteristic of one who fails to take account of various aspects before drawing a conclusion or adopting a course of action.” The Corinthians who were questioning the resurrection thought only of the impossibility of reanimating dead flesh. They failed to take God into the equation.

Paul reminded them how they plant naked seeds, and God gives them the bodies that he wants them to have when he raises them to life again. They witness that miracle every harvest, yet they fail to take that fact into account when they think of the planting of their own bodies.

LORD, help us to stop being so scatterbrained, and trust you with our future.

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