spiritual gift structure

May 2016 (1)

1 Corinthians 12:4-6

1Co 12:4 Now there are different types of gifts, but the same Spirit gives them.
1Co 12:5 That is, there are different regular offices of ministry, but the same Lord we minister for.
1Co 12:6 And there are different occasional manifestations, but the same God who brings about all of them in everyone.

spiritual gift structure

The fact that Paul is now talking about the supernatural aspects of church ministry does not mean that it is beyond explanation. In fact, Paul will go on to give a carefully itemised explanation of all the supernatural events taking place among the Corinthians. He begins this explanation by pointing out the structure of spiritual gifts. He says in verse four that there are different types of gift, then proceeds to explain two types in more detail in the next two verses.

The regular offices of ministry (diakonion) involve spiritual gifts that regularly manifest in the life of a particular person, who has an office that identifies him or her with the gifts. For example, Paul’s missionary gifts were regularly exercised in his relationship with the churches.

The occasional manifestations were those gifts that manifested during a particular event — like a worship service. Those gifts were not tied to any specific office, and could be manifested by anyone. These may or may not be ever repeated in the life of that person.

The Holy Spirit is a spirit of order, and we should expect to understand that order, within the limits of our human capacity to understand.

LORD, thank you for the ministries and manifestations of your Holy Spirit among us.

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