gossip game

April 2016 (3)

1 Corinthians 8:1-3

1Co 8:1 Now regarding your question about food that has been offered to idols. Yes, we know that “we all have knowledge” about what is happening. But knowledge makes a person arrogant, love builds him up.

1Co 8:2 If someone thinks he knows something, he does not yet know as well as he needs to know.

1Co 8:3 But if anyone loves God, this is known by God.

gossip game

 They are playing the gossip game in Corinth.  Some of the church members have found out a juicy bit of knowledge about some others, and that “secret” is now the talk of the town.  Everybody knows what is going on.  The word is that some are going to the seedy side of the marketplace and buying second-hand meat – meat that had been dedicated to a pagan god before it was sold. The news even got included in the letter to Paul, so now he gets to chime in on the hot discussion.

Paul begins his discussion of this topic by pointing out the difference between what a person knows and whether a person loves.  Our knowledge is always limited, but our love does not have to be.  We can love God, even though our knowledge of him is elementary.  He can love us, in spite of our limits.  This is where we should begin when touching on topics like this: relationships.  Before I dare gossip about another believer, I had better know that I am picking on someone whom God loves.

LORD, forgive us for slandering those whom you have chosen to love.


About Jefferson Vann

Jefferson Vann is pastor of Piney Grove Advent Christian Church in Delco, North Carolina. You can contact him at marmsky@gmail.com -- !
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