your reward in life


February 2016 (6)Ecclesiastes 9:7-10

7 Go on, eat your bread with gladness, and drink your wine with a cheerful heart; because God has already shown approval of your works. 8 Let your clothes stay white all the time, and let not oil be lacking on your head. 9 Enjoy life with the woman whom you love all the days of your fleeting life which He has given to you under the sun; because this is your reward in life, and for your work in which you have done under the sun. 10 Whatever your hand finds to do, do with all your strength; because there is no working or thinking or knowledge or wisdom waiting in Sheol where you are heading.

your reward in life

Solomon is not teaching us that life is futile. He is telling us that it can be wonderful, but also warning us that it does not last. So, he does not advocate withdrawal from life in some kind of self-imposed monastic hermitage. Instead he challenges all of us to engage in life, and if we are fortunate enough to have work, a good marriage, or any of the other benefits of this life, consider it all a reward. Do not ignore those rewards. Enjoy them. Just remember that none of these things are permanent. Enjoy life’s temporary rewards, and also seek a more permanent kingdom.

LORD, give is the good sense to enjoy these few days, and the rewards that they bring. Give us also the wisdom to not turn away from the eternal hope that comes only from a relationship with you.

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