the wandering appetite


January 2016 (20)Ecclesiastes 6:7-9

7 Anything a man works for gets eaten, yet his appetite remains unsatisfied. 8 Because what advantage does the wise man have over the stupid one? And what does the poor man get for knowing how to conduct himself before others? 9 Better is what you can now see over the target of the wandering appetite. This reality also shows life’s impermanence. It is like striving after wind.

the wandering appetite

Greed, lust and gluttony occur when our natural appetites are allowed to wander into extremes. Wisdom looks at the forbidden targets and trains the body to walk away – to focus on enjoying what you can now see over against the empty promise of what greed, lust and gluttony wants. Wisdom reminds me that today’s pay check is a gift, my beautiful wife is a gift, my daily bread is a gift. Wisdom does not teach me to remain unsatisfied. It teaches me to find satisfaction in the right gifts.

LORD, steer my appetite, so that it never wanders from the gifts you have given me.


About Jefferson Vann

Jeff is a former Christian missionary.
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