no victory party


January 2016 (18)Ecclesiastes 6:1-2

1 There is something wrong that I have noticed under the sun, and it is such a burden to humanity: 2 God gives a man wealth, property, and the respect of others, so much that he does not lack a thing that he wants, but God does not enable that man to enjoy the gifts, but a stranger ends up enjoying them. This shows how impermanent life is; it is a terrible wrong.

no victory party

Imagine a contest in which both teams continue to train and compete, but the competitions never complete so that no one is ever declared the winner. As such, there is never a victory party. Solomon said that life is like that. A person might strive for progress, success and satisfaction, but too often he is dead long before anyone ever realizes how successful he was. There is something fundamentally wrong with that.

Because of Christ, we now know that no life is ever wasted. There will be an eternal victory party when our Lord returns. We need not fear the impermanence that Solomon saw as a terrible wrong. Because that impermanence is actually temporary.

Thank you, LORD, for the promise of eternal joy.


About Jefferson Vann

Jeff is a former Christian missionary.
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