Legion’s number

September 2015 (15)Mark 5:6-13

6 Seeing Jesus from far away, he rushed and bowed down before him; 7 then he shrieked with a loud voice, “What have you to do with me, Jesus, Son of the highest God? I beg you — God, do not torture me.” 8 Because he had been saying to him, “Come out of this man, you unclean spirit!” 9 Then Jesus asked him, “What is your name?” He replied, ” Legion is my name; because we are many.” 10 He pleaded with him earnestly not to send them out of the region. 11 Now there on the hill, a large herd of pigs was feeding; 12 and the unclean spirits pleaded with him, “Send us into the pigs; so that we can enter them.” 13 So he allowed them. And the unclean spirits came out and entered the pigs; and the herd, numbering about two thousand, rushed down the steep bank into the sea, and were drowned in the sea.

Legion’s number

Legion’s number was up that day. The unclean spirits who inhabited him, causing such fear and pain, immediately saw that when they saw Jesus. It was their turn to fear. This possessed man who could never be kept confined would finally be set free – inside.

I have encountered many saints of God who seem to think they are on the verge of losing everything. They fear failure and talk about their faith as if it were a paper thin string about to break and send them plunging into the abyss. Oh, Christian, look at Legion. That thing you fear the most, fears you. Legion knows who God is. Those spirits know to fear the one who minister’s in God’s name.

Trust the God who began a work in you to bring it to completion. You will encounter threats, but He will never give up on you. His investment is forever.

LORD, strengthen our resolve, so that when life brings us challenges, we stand in faith against them.


About Jefferson Vann

Jeff is a Christian missionary.
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