August 2015 (23)Mark 1:35-39

35 Then, early in the morning while it was still dark, Jesus got up, got out, and went away to a deserted place. He was praying[1] there also. 36 Simon and the ones with him searched diligently for him. 37 And they found him, and are saying to him that “all of us are searching for you.” 38 And he said to them, “We should go elsewhere, into the next towns, so that I can preach there also; because I came for this purpose. 39 So he went preaching into their synagogues, into the whole Galilean region, and driving out the demons.


Simon Peter just does not understand his boss.  They have a popular, powerful ministry here in Capernaum, and everybody is looking for Jesus here. In fact, he had just spent most of the morning literally looking for Jesus, because the Lord had just snuck off for an early morning prayer session, and the disciples had no idea where he had gone.  When he finally finds the Lord, he learn that Jesus had been given new orders from his Father in the sky.  They were now going to go on a preaching tour of the whole Galilean region.  To Peter, it just did not make sense.  Why go traveling around to different places, when you already have a solid support base here?  But Jesus insists that the preaching in the next towns is the reason he came.

Our author – Mark – had described the content of Jesus’ preaching as gospel, or “that excellent message.”  When John the Baptist began preaching that message, it focused on the coming king of a coming sky kingdom.  It demanded that everyone everywhere get ready for that coming king and kingdom by repenting of their sins, and being baptised as a sign of that repentance.  Jesus insisted on expanding his preaching base because preaching in Capernaum alone can not reach the people elsewhere, in the next towns.  He wanted to reach everyone everywhere.  So should we.

LORD, give us your heart to reach the people elsewhere.



[1] προσευχομαι (1:35; 6:46; 11:24f; 12:40; 13:18; 14:32, 35, 38f).


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Jeff is a Christian missionary.
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  2. How can people decide unless they hear the Gospel from us…visiting and living among them! Thank you, brother, for this blog and your missionary service in His glorious Name! 🙂

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