while you were away

August 2015 (17)Mark 1:12-15

12 And just then the Spirit sends him out into the desert. 13 And for forty days he was in the desert being tempted by Satan. And he was with the wild animals, and the angels[1] were serving him. 14 But after John was arrested,[2] Jesus came back into Galilee, preaching that excellent message from God. 15 And saying that “the time is fulfilled,” and “the kingdom[3] from God has come near, repent and believe in that excellent message.”

while you were away

Have you ever felt that surreal feeling when you return from a trip, and all sorts of things have changed?  An onlooker might have felt that way seeing Jesus return to Galilee.  John had been the one to popularise this message, but now he has been arrested.  Perhaps fervour for this message about a kingdom would die down now that John is out of the way.  But Jesus does not seem to follow that logic.  He had seen the vision and heard the voice, proclaiming him as the Son of God.  He had experienced the miraculous ministry of angels during his wilderness hiatus.  To him, this kingdom from God had come near.  It was on schedule.  He would not be distracted by setbacks.

Part of learning to walk in kingdom maturity is learning this perspective.  Nothing changes when things change.  The calling to get ready for God’s governance knows no setbacks.

LORD, show us how to stay steady in the task of preparing this world for your presence.


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Jeff is a Christian missionary.
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