if they could see us now

August 2015 (1)Isaiah 63:15-19

15 Look down from the sky and see, from your lofty and glorious residence. Where are your passion and your mighty deeds? The roaring of your inner being and your loving sensations? They are withdrawn from me. 16 Because you are our father, though Abraham would not recognize us and Israel does not acknowledge us; you, Yahveh, are our father; your name is our Redeemer from of old. 17 Why, O Yahveh, do you let us wander away from your ways and harden our heart, so that we do not fear you? Turn back for the sake of your servants, for the sake of the tribes that are your heritage. 18 Your holy people took possession for a little while; but now our adversaries have violated your sanctuary. 19 We have long been like those whom you do not rule, like those not called by your name.

if they could see us now

Sometimes, as an American, I think about the patriots who founded my country, and wonder how they would react to some of the laws and court decisions which are reflecting a change in the social fabric of the nation. Isaiah was in a similar mood the day he penned these words. Yet, he brought those thoughts to God. He longed for the fire and passion for holiness and justice he saw in his ancestors. He wanted to see a reflection of God in the faces of his people. They were supposed to be God’s people, with God’s name, but the resemblance was not there, and had not been there for a long time.

I don’t make a lot of political statements in my posts, and this is not intended to be one. The real issue here is not limited to one nation or ethnic group. The real issue is that God’s people from all nations should reflect his holiness and justice. And it is right if we do not see that passion in ourselves not just to complain about our political leaders, but to take the matter to where it belongs. Take this matter up with God, like Isaiah did.

LORD, transform us, so that if people do not see your holiness in their government, at least they see it in your church.


About Jefferson Vann

Jeff is a Christian missionary.
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