permanent spirit, permanent words

July 2015 (21)Isaiah 59:17-21

17 He put on righteousness like a coat of armour, and Yeshua as a helmet on his head; he put on garments of vengeance for clothing, and wrapped himself in fury as in a mantle. 18 According to their deeds, so will he repay; wrath to his foes, recompense to his enemies; to the distant lands he will pay recompense. 19 So those in the west shall fear the name of Yahveh, and those in the east, his glory; for he will come like a pent-up stream that the wind of Yahveh drives on. 20 And he will come to Zion as Redeemer, to those in Jacob who turn from transgression, says Yahveh. 21 And as for me, this is my covenant with them, says Yahveh: my spirit that is upon you, and my words that I have put in your mouth, shall not depart out of your mouth, or out of the mouths of your children, or out of the mouths of your children’s children, says Yahveh, from now on and permanently.

permanent spirit, permanent words

Isaiah returns to his role as foretelling prophet here. He says that Yahveh will put on his fighting clothes, and do warfare against his enemies. His particular means of warfare against his enemies is revealed here. Yahveh’s salvation, his Yeshua is going to come to Zion as Redeemer, but not to the whole political entity – only to those who turn from their transgression. His new covenant he makes with the repentant Israel is that his spirit (or Spirit) and his words will be coming from their mouths and the mouths of their children and grandchildren permanently, from then on.

Centuries later, a young man named Yeshua walked around the land of Isaiah and taught God’s words, coming from God’s Spirit. From then on, that covenant, and those witnesses to it, have been a permanent mountain on the world’s spiritual landscape.

LORD, thank you for your Son, Yeshua, who gave us your Spirit and your words of truth, permanently.


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Jeff is a Christian missionary.
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