inspired future

June 2015 (6)Isaiah 44:1-5

1 “Now, listen, Jacob my servant, Israel whom I have chosen!” 2 This is what Yahveh, the one who made you, says– the one who formed you in the womb and helps you: “Don’t be afraid, my servant Jacob, Jeshurun, whom I have chosen! 3 Because I will pour water on the parched ground and cause streams to flow on the dry land. I will pour my spirit on your offspring and my blessing on your children. 4 They will sprout up like a tree in the grass, like poplars beside channels of water. 5 One will say, ‘I belong to Yahveh,’ and another will use the name ‘Jacob.’ One will write on his hand, Yahveh’s,’ and use the name ‘Israel.'”

inspired future

John Piper said in reference to the promise in this text: “Our future can look bleak for two reasons: one is the prospect that misery is coming; the other is the prospect that happiness is not coming. And isn’t virtually all the work of the human heart exhausted by these two things: fearing future misery and thirsting for future happiness? If so, then Isaiah’s promise is just what we need: when the Spirit is poured out into our heart, fear is taken away and thirst is satisfied. Or to put it another way, if the Spirit has taken away what is fearful out of our future and put what is soul-satisfying into our future, then he has given to us the full assurance of hope.”[1]

The Holy Spirit comes into the lives of believers, replacing their fear of the future, and giving them a reason to hope for something better than what they feared. If you are a parent, and you struggle because your children just don’t seem to get it, it is easy to fall for that fear and be disillusioned by dissatisfaction. But the LORD wants you to know that this same Holy Spirit who has empowered you is also available for your offspring. Pray for your children, not just that they learn how to behave, but they will truly take the LORD’s name, and follow him.

LORD, we choose to trust your Holy Spirit; we choose to let him calm our fears, and satisfy our hopes.



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Jeff is a Christian missionary.
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