north or east?

Isaiah 41:21-29

May 2015 (29)21 “Present your legal case,” says Yahveh. “Bring your evidence,” says the king of Jacob. 22 Let them bring them, and let them tell us what will happen. Tell us what the former things are so that we may take them to our heart and know their end. Declare to us the things to come; 23 tell the things coming later that we may know that you are gods. Yes, do good or do evil, that we may be afraid and fear together. 24 Watch! you are nothing, and your work is something worthless; whoever chooses you is an abomination. 25 I stirred up one from the north, and he has come from the rising of the sun. He will call on my name, and he will come on officials as on mortar, and as a potter treads clay. 26 Who declared it from the first so that we would know, and from before faces so that we might say, “That is right.” Yes, there was no one who declared it; Yes, there was no one who proclaimed it. Yes, there was no one who heard your words. 27 First to Zion, Watch! Watch them! And I give a bringer of good tidings to Jerusalem. 28 But I look and there is no man, and I look among these and there is no counsellor, that I might ask them and they might answer a word. 29 Watch! All of them are a deception; their works are nothing; their images are wind and emptiness.

north or east?

The prediction Isaiah made about Cyrus probably sounded ridiculous. How can this coming ruler be from the north and the east at the same time? But Barnes explains how the statement was true: “Cyrus was born in Persia, in the country called in the Scriptures ‘the east,’ but he early went to Media, and came from Media under the direction of his uncle, Cyaxares, when he attacked and subdued Babylon. Media was situated on the north and northeast of Babylon.”[1] We need never worry about the statement made in God’s word, even if we cannot catch their meaning right away, there is meaning to be caught. Read it, study, trust it.

LORD, thank you for your trustworthy, infallible word.

[1] Albert Barnes “Barnes’ Notes on the New Testament”. “ 1870.”

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