embarrassing confessions

May 2015 (16)Isaiah 37:1-7

1 After King Hezekiah heard this, he tore his clothes, covered himself with a course robe, and hurried to Yahveh’s temple. 2 Eliakim, the palace steward, Shebna the Scribe, and the elders among the priests who were also covering themselves with course robes, sent word to Isaiah son of Amoz, the prophet. 3 And they said to him, “This is what Hezekiah says: ‘I proclaim this day one of trouble, insult, and humility, like when a baby is ready to leave the birth canal, but the mother is too weak to push him out. 4 Maybe Yahveh your God hears all these words of the chief consultant has said on behalf of his master, the king of Assyria, who sent him to mock the living God. If Yahveh your God hears, maybe he will punish him for the words that he said. So lift up a prayer for those of us who remain.'” 5 After King Hezekiah’s servants of came to Isaiah, 6 Isaiah told them, “You must tell your master this: ‘This is what Yahveh says: “Do not be afraid because of what you have heard; the king of Assyria’s servants have insulted me. 7 Watch! I have control of his mind. He will hear a rumor and he will return to his country, and I will kill him by the sword in his country.” ‘”

embarrassing confessions

Hezekiah knew that Yahveh is the living God, and that he sees all and knows what the Assyrian consultant had said. He felt embarrassed and weak, like (in his analogy) a mother who has come to the point of giving birth, but feels too weak to do it. There will be times in our lives when that happens to us as well. We will feel ashamed even to come to the Lord with our crisis. We will feel that we have somehow let him down by crying out to him again. But the living God just wants us to watch and see what he can do once we dare trust him.

LORD, forgive us for being so embarrassed by our dependence upon you. It is an honour to come to you in prayer, because of your power to save, and your love for us.


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Jeff is a Christian missionary.
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