a wind of confusion

March 2015  (21)

Isaiah 19:9-15

9 And artisans of combed flax will be ashamed, and those who weave white linen. 10 And her weavers will be crushed; all workers for wage grieved of heart. 11 Surely the princes of Zoan are stupid; the wise of the counselors of Pharaoh counsel senseless things. How can you say to Pharaoh, “I myself, a son of sages, a son of ancient kings”? 12 Where are your sages? Let them tell you now, and let them understand what Yahveh of armies has planned against Egypt. 13 The princes at Zoan have become stupid; the princes at Memphis are deceived; the leaders of her tribes have led Egypt astray. 14 Yahveh has mixed a wind of confusion into her midst, and they have caused Egypt to stumble in all of its doings, like the stumbling of a drunkard into his vomit. 15 And Egypt will be unable to do anything about it, head or tail, palm branch or reed.

a wind of confusion

How do societies fall apart and become dysfunctional? This is how it was going to happen in Egypt as Isaiah saw it. The princes from the different districts would be influenced by a wind of confusion from Yahveh. The disunity of the leaders would make the nation stumble in all its doings. Without a clear vision and objective from the leaders, no action would be successful.

It is the same for families and churches as well. It is not always a direct judgment from God when disunity leads to dysfunction, but it can be. When we find that happening to our families and churches, we need to humbly seek God, and not blindly follow one leader, and gang up on the others. The wind of confusion is intended to disorient and divide. The only hope for unity and peace is to reconnect with the LORD.

LORD, forgive us for stumbling around in confusion. Reorient us, so that we follow you and your word, rather than those who are set against others.

About Jefferson Vann

Jeff is a Christian missionary.
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