a broom of destruction

March 2015  (11)

Isaiah 14:22-27

22 “And I will rise up against them,” a declaration of Yahveh of armies, “and I will cut off name and a remnant from Babylon, and offspring and posterity,” – a declaration of Yahveh. 23 “And I will make her a hedgehog’s possession, and pools of water, and I will sweep her away with a broom of destruction,” – a declaration of Yahveh of armies. 24 Yahveh of armies has sworn, saying, “If this has not happened just as I have intended, so it will, and just as I have planned, the oath will stand: 25 to break Assyria in my land, and I will trample him down on my mountains; and he will remove his yoke from them, and he will remove his burden from his shoulder. 26 This, the plan that is planned concerning all of the land; and this, the hand that is stretched out over all of the nations. 27 Because Yahveh of armies has planned, and who will frustrate him? And his hand stretched out, and who will turn it back?

a broom of destruction

It sounds almost comical – like a weapon devised for a third rate video game. But the broom of destruction that Isaiah spoke of was nothing to laugh at. Once the armies of Media and Persia were finished with the land that had once been the home of the Assyrians, and was presently under the control of Babylon – nothing was left. They swept it clean, and made it a desolate place. The ultimate defeat made all the previous victories nothing. One by one, all the nations who had carried the burden – the yoke – on their shoulder, would be relieved of that yoke. That is the plan of Yahveh of armies, and what he plans, no one can frustrate. It is going to happen.

Do we dare to believe that God can still do the same thing today? He will do it collectively and ultimately when Christ returns, and he sets up his kingdom of righteousness. All the oppression and evil of past victors will be removed from the victims. Peace and righteousness will reign through judgment.

But this God of armies also wants to sweep through our lives and remove the burdens that we are bearing now. He tells us “Come to me, all who work hard and carry a heavy load, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, because I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. Because my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.”[1] His broom of destruction can destroy all the things that are keeping us from the peace and rest he wants us to enjoy. His yoke can make life worth living again, and we need not wait for eternity to experience it. It is only a prayer away.

LORD, we invite you to destroy all the things in our life which are keeping us from the peace and rest you intend us to enjoy. Sweep through our lives with your broom of destruction.

[1] Matthew 11:28-30.


About Jefferson Vann

Jeff is a Christian missionary.
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